Friday, June 29, 2012

beware of flat rate boxes.

You have heard me say a jillion times that I am a huge fan of the USPS Priority Mail Boxes.  The envelopes and boxes are "free" with a mailing - and you can take a supply home to keep in your office.  You can even order specialty sizes from and they will deliver them to your door.

But buyer beware.  Be careful which boxes you choose! DO NOT use a flat-rate box if you are not mailing something HEAVY because you are being charged a "flat-rate" no matter what you put in the box.  For example, my sister just sent me three rather small bottles of my favorite Mary Kay eye makeup remover. She put them in the above "large flat rate" priority mail box.  Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. It cost her a "flat-rate" of $15.45 to mail this lightweight package.  If she would have used the flat-rate ENVELOPE it would have cost her $5.15!  If she would have used a regular non-flat-rate box, I am guessing she would have paid about $7.

The bottom line is:

ONLY use the flat-rate boxes if you are mailing a stack of books or jars of jelly.

Whenever possible, see if what you are mailing fits in the Flat-rate ENVELOPE because you can mail anything you can fit inside of it for $5.15.  And it does not have to stay "flat". It can be as bumpy or lumpy as you want, and long as you can get it sealed.

Make it a priority to make thoughtful decisions next time you are mailing a package at the USPS.

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