Monday, March 19, 2012

rub it out.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your feet will ache in a certain spot? My suggestion: Spend some time massaging the area with your favorite lotion.  I keep a lovely smelling moisturizing lotion in the drawer of my nightstand for this very purpose.  As you know, our bodies were fearfully & wonderfully made in such a way that all the points in our feet connect to particular organs and body areas via the nervous system.  The study of this is called Reflexology and it is an amazing science.  While it would be fascinating to study this in detail, I am merely suggesting that you respect your feet and listen when they are talking to you. My feet "talk" to me most often when I am in bed, or should I clarify that is when I can "hear" them. 

I do not usually worry about what particular body part might be ailing when my feet ache in a particular area, I just concentrate on spending some time thoughtfully massaging the soreness.  Have you ever experienced how relaxing it is to rub your feet at night before tucking them under the covers? Try it. You'll like it.

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