Sunday, December 11, 2011

it's a nifty thrifty Christmas.

We decided to cut back on the amount of money we spent on Christmas gifts this year.  We were motivated for several reasons, but this challenge has turned out to be a blast.  I still made many wonderful gifts through my Creative Memories business (custom calendars and personalized boxes of note cards) and Mike will still be baking his wonderful bread. 
But eight people on our gift list are in for a wonderful treat. Over a two week period I went to our local resale shop called Nifty Thrifty and did the bulk of my holiday shopping.  And not only that, I told myself there would be a $10 limit for each person.  The photos below show the amazing "finds".  Each photo shows the collection of items I grouped for each lucky recipient.  For real, all are now wrapped and under the tree --- and the combined price tag was under $80.

This adventure made me feel nifty... and thrifty.

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