Sunday, December 11, 2011

dare to be unconventional.

I got the idea for this post when I was raking leaves at the new house with the first snow fall.  I meant to get the leaves picked up earlier this fall.  It just never happened.  I heard that 'snow was coming' so I popped out of bed on Saturday morning and started trimming back the peonies.  I had not worked for 15 minutes when the first fluffy flakes began to fall. I kept thinking to myself 'I hope nobody sees me out here or they will think I am crazy'... But then I realized that I was loving every minute of feeling the big snowflakes hit my face and felt like I was intimately involved in the sacred changing of the seasons.  I felt like I was participating in an exhilarating outdoor winter sport, staying warm and toasty in the cold with the aggressive physical raking and filling the pickup with my bounty.  At the end of the morning I was hoping I can rake leaves at first snowfall next year too!

In honor of this splendid event, I decided I would make a little list of other unconventional things we should try - and ENJOY:

Sleep until noon.

Send Christmas Cards two months late.
(I have had people thank me for this because they said they actually have time to read & enjoy it then. ha.)

Don't attend every single sporting event your kids are in.
(Use the time to bless your whole family by working on your family photos or planning a special meal.)

Grill in the middle of a snow storm.

Spend a fraction of what you usually do at Christmas by being clever.

I can recommend ALL of the above from personal experience.  Dare to do it differently.

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