Thursday, April 7, 2011

the gift bag & brownies.

Our friend Sharon is a genius and Mother Rabbit wants to pass on this brilliant advice. Mike and I are currently in ICU in a hospital in St. Louis where Mike is recovering from surgery to remove cancer from his tonsil area. Sharon baked a huge tray of brownies and told me to give it to all the nurses on duty and tell them they are from Mike. I have never seen such a happy feeding frenzy when I set the brownies down. What a brilliant idea for some excellent care & attention for the patient!

She also brought a "gift bag" filled with the handiest stuff for a hospital stay: bottled water, breath mints, granola bars, chocolate covered edamome, magazines, a sudoku book, hand sanitizer, fancy chocolates and a cute paper pad & pen. She also somehow took the logo from his cancer blog ( and iron transferred it to the tote bag she put the goods in. Very charming. Guests aren't always what you need during a stressful hospital stay, but handing the caregiver a bag of goodies is genius.

Mother Rabbit says: Remember the power of brownies for the nurses and how a basket of goodies might be the best way to visit.

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  1. Such a thoughtful friend! Great ideas to make our beloved friend more comfortable xoxox Thank you, Sharon - from another friend!