Monday, February 21, 2011

respect the mommy meter.

In my 25+ years of being a mother, I have learned the importance of respecting my mommy meter. A mommy meter is an internal barometer of the heart that alerts you when things are awry or danger is pending. You might call it a still, small voice of a mother's heart. You might call it a mother's intuition. Mother Rabbit calls it The Mommy Meter.

Mother Rabbit has learned to respect the workings of this marvelous internal meter. More often than not, the mommy meter is spot on. It is not uncommon for a daughter to get a call or text when mommy's meter goes off just to check in and make sure things are OK. It is not uncommon for Mother Rabbit to withhold permission for an activity based on a mommy meter reading.

My encouragement to mothers everywhere: Learn to listen to and heed your motherly intuition. Fine tune your meter reading skills. And never, never hesitate to act on a gut feeling when something just does not feel right.

My encouragement to children everywhere: Listen to your mother. When she birthed you, she was equipped with a unique set of skills to care for you. Mothers come equipped with a honing system and protective instincts. A Mother Rabbit could kill something with her bare hands that was trying to hurt a baby rabbit. A mother's heart knows more and cares more about you than you will ever understand... until you are a mother. Heed her voice.

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  1. I should probably comment on this one due to the fact I am pretty sure I have put the MOMMY METER to work the most!
    Last year, I remember so vividly being at a frat party and not feeling safe and not liking my surroundings and I got a text saying "my mommy meter went off, are you ok?" it was SPOT ON. Creepy drunk frat boys set that thing off in a heart beat.

    hate to say it. but i am very thankful for the mommy meter :)
    love you mom.