Thursday, October 7, 2010

my airport socks.

My airport socks are the ones that I keep in the outside pocket of my carry-on bag when I travel. It is these socks that I grab from my bag right before I have to remove my shoes for airport security. As my shoes come off my feet, my airport socks slip over my existing socks (or bare feet) in a fluid motion to serve as a bacteria screen for walking through the TSA passageway. Have you ever stopped to think about how many people's bare feet walk through that screening machine every day? And have you ever seen anyone cleaning any of the surfaces? There. You probably aren't laughing anymore.

I happen to like clean feet. For the record, I do not get into bed at night without clean feet. Clean feet are happy feet. The idea of airport socks was birthed when I went through airport security in my beloved Ugg boots. The idea of walking on stinky-feet-surfaces and then putting my foot back inside my warm boot sanctuary was too much for me. Airport socks were born.

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