Wednesday, October 20, 2010

flu shots.

This is just to say that Mother Rabbit does not believe in getting them. I believe that under normal healthy circumstances the body's own immune system is equipped to fight the common cold and flu.
Flu shots mean that the medical community has guessed which strain of flu will be prevalent that year and that is the one they will immunize against. Obviously, Mother Rabbit is not a doctor but she has been around long enough to see that all the 'great' medical breakthroughs that man has come up with have not all been great.
For example, cutting edge cancer research is now working with the body's own immune system to fight the cancer rather than rushing into radiation and chemotherapy treatments which have significant side effects. Everything has side effects, which is important to remember.

I actually feel out of my element commenting on flu shots but my advice is that you don't just do whatever the "medical professionals" tell you without thinking about your options. People do not employ enough common sense anymore.
When I recently found out that babies are required to have 24 immunizations in their first year of life I was alarmed. Maybe it starts with enjoying the choices you still have.

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  1. hailey got horribly ill after her flew shot and spent the whole day by in the TV room bathroom. flu thank you.