Friday, December 20, 2013

holiday greetings!

You know that Mother Rabbit loves the tradition of sending holiday greetings!  My mother started this grand tradition back in 1962.  Now it is in my blood.

Like this classic from 1967.

Here is a simple idea for displaying holiday cards that arrive in your mailbox.  String a festive ribbon or garland across a large mirror, and attach the cards with miniature clothespins.  The mirror background works well because so many of the photo cards today have images on the front & back.  My photo card garland happens to be in the bathroom, so guests can be entertained when they wash their hands.

Of course you could string your cards across a cupboard, mantle or staircase as well. 

And remember, there is nothing wrong with sending your holiday greeting late... Mother Rabbit is amused by how many people thank her for sending her cards later when they have time to read & appreciate them.  Merry Christmas!

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