Monday, October 14, 2013

store them clean.

Since I like to sleep with the bedroom windows flung wide open, I woke up this morning with the down comforter fluffed all the way up around my face.  The 48 degree temperatures might feel toasty come March, but they feel chilly in October!  I woke up with a need to find my sweaters.

Today would be the day that I make the grand switch.  The one where the summer clothes go into storage, and the winter clothes return to the closet.  You get to rediscover how much you love your fall & winter clothes after their storage sabbatical!

Mother Rabbit's message today:
Make sure to store CLEAN clothing.

One of the things that has stuck with me from my Textiles, Clothing & Design degree are two things that can damage fabrics and fibers: 1.) Soap residue  and 2.) Storing clothes with dirt and stains.  Thus, clothing care can be reduced to a rather simple formula.  1.) Make sure to rinse all the soap out of your fabrics and fibers when laundering and 2.) Keep your clothes clean and never, never store them dirty.


A few seasons ago, I purchased four clear zip-up hanging clothing storage bags from Target.  Small thing, but it makes me feel very organized when I move the out-of-season clothing to the small cedar closet in the storeroom when all the bags match.  It creates a real sense of order, and it makes me feel like I am taking good care of the clothes I love and enjoy.  (And because I know it is important to STORE CLEAN, the clothing bags smell clean & fresh too.)  For those items that needed to be dry cleaned at the end of the season, I pop the individual plastic covered items right into my "matching bags".

Back to my closet.  I love the change of textures on my closet shelf after the grand shift.  Bring on the cooler temperatures.  I am ready.

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