Thursday, May 2, 2013

hawaii bound.

You might have guessed that Mother Rabbit is going to devote this blog to Hawaii stories for about two weeks.  I thought I would write the posts as a series of TRAVEL TIPS.  You can learn from our well-laid plans and our mistakes, our wisdom or lack of it. 

Today's travel lesson:

Be Prepared.
Our suitcases are sprawled across the floor of our bedroom.  The packing process has begun.  Above is a photo of stuff for the resort-side of the trip.  What do you really need for Hawaii?  A couple cute bathing suits, a creative collection of cover ups and some clothes to wear out at night.  A wise friend shared this Hawaii packing advice: Take half the clothes you think you'll need - and twice the money.  The biggest decision was what book to read on the beach!  Fortunately for me, Michael Pollen's newest book Cooked was released just in time to get zipped in the suitcase.  I also selected The Little Way of Ruthie Leming by Rod Dreher because someone special to me recommended it.  Done.

Now this is a photo of some of the goods we are packing for the Maui adventure-side of the trip.  After reading the eye-opening reviews (see previous post) about the mosquito population, the mongooses that suck the egg right out of the shell, the ants that look like the movie 300 if food is left out, and the less than pristine conditions --- we secured a few more supplies. 
The reviews shared that sleeping in the jungle in the nightly monsoon rain is an epic experience.  We are truly excited for our jungle experience --- but don't want jungle fever.  The three story TREEHOUSE was built 10 years ago by a guy named David, whose hobby seems to be building these tree house structures in exotic places around the world.  This one is couple miles off the Road to Hana and then a quarter mile hike into the house in the tree.  Animal Planet filmed something on the property a few weeks ago.  To help us enjoy the "grandeur" of the experience without being distracted by the critters and insects, we are packing the following extras:
Mosquito netting bed tent, mosquito insect helmets, Deet, mosquito coils, toilet paper, matches, a deluxe array of flashlight & head lamps, and a fancy survival hatchet.  My Marine husband had a blast last night at Cabala's collecting our final necessities.  Honestly, I am sure he had as much fun getting this stuff as I did selecting my new bathing suits. 
There are a few "extras" that I packed too.  When I read about the 'dirty sheets' in the review, I decided that I would bring a set of sheets with me - and leave them there after our two night stay.  I headed to our favorite consignment shop, Nifty Thrifty, and found a brand-new, unopened set of full-size sheets for $6.99.  Score.  They are washed and in the suitcase.  I also secured a hiking camera bag, some hiking-friendly Keens, and carefully packed my Frommers Guides in the suitcase. 
One of the things I was most excited to pack is... my "Don't Bug Me" oil.  I happen to have an I-Don't-Wear-Deet policy.  Sara Jane at the TREEHOUSE said that I might want to by-pass that policy for the 48 hours we are living in our jungle paradise.  I am agreeing to this, BUT I asked The Little House Day Spa's excellent massage therapist to make me a natural, organic bug repellent to bring as well.  I am excited about this... something that I won't be afraid to lather on my body at night and during our hikes.  Tara made it with citronella, thyme, cedar, spearmint, lavender, lemon grass and vitamin E.  I will give a full report on the effectiveness of Tara's "Don't Bug Me" oil.  If it works, we will market it with the tag line: Tested in the jungle. ha.
I am not sure how extensively I can post with just my iPhone on our trip, but I am going to try --- so stay tuned. Aloha.

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