Friday, April 20, 2012

purse wipes.

Mother Rabbit is a big fan of flushable wipes.  Mother Rabbit appreciates clean things and one of my mantras is "have wipes, will travel".  I purchase this particular purse-size version in the travel-size aisle at Target for $1.   Besides the obvious, I enjoy using them to wipe off my hands after pushing a shopping cart or maneuvering a public place.  Did you know that the germ-iest place on an airplane is the fold-down tray?  Not for me, because I always give it a quick wipe.  The purse wipes also come in handy when a spill happens.  Recently in a supermarket checkout lane the woman next to me dropped a container of sour-cream-looking-stuff on her sandal-ed foot.  Luckily, she was standing next to me.  She was profoundly grateful to have someone hand her a series of moist wipes, and before long she could exit the store gracefully.
I recommend seeing how handy you could be with your own set of traveling purse wipes.

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