Thursday, July 14, 2011

the garden.

I love talking about my garden but have I ever shown you my backdoor garden? Mother Rabbit has a kick-ass garden. I would never call myself an accomplished gardener or anything like that, but my garden brings me endless pleasure. A garden is oodles and oodles of endless work too, but it all seems worth it for the daily pleasures.

Not only are there food and flowers to pick and enjoy, but you get to play Hide & Seek most of the summer. The most active participants are the cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. When you venture out to see if there is anything to harvest, more often than not you say to yourself "Looks like there is nothing to pick today..." Then you are sure you hear the cucumbers laughing behind your back. Then the Hide & Seek begins. The next thing you know you are walking into the house with twelve cucumbers and pockets full of cherry tomatoes. Gardening is a kick.

Middle photo: First cucumbers of the season. (I almost missed them.)

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