Wednesday, May 18, 2011

never pick your scabs or blisters.

This is important. Our bodies are engineered to heal and repair. They do not need our help in the form of removing scabs or blister skin prematurely. Resist the urge to pick a scab. Let it fall off naturally (unless you were hoping for a big scar.) In the case of blisters or bed sores, the top skin layers and fluid provide a protective cushion as the body heals in layers. Let the skin layers work themselves off as naturally as possible.

I know a certain cancer warrior who got a nasty bed sore from his lengthy hospital stay. He thought the skin "looked bad" and cut the skin off without consulting Mother Rabbit. He paid a very painful price by exposing all those nerve endings.

If you have a blister from a burn, raw aloe vera gel straight from an aloe vera leaf is not only comforting but helps heal the wound. No aloe vera? Try honey.

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