Thursday, August 5, 2010

set one day every week for cleaning your nest.

It worked for your great grandmother. It worked for Mother Rabbit. Set apart one day per week to do some cleaning.

Clarification: Cleaning Day is not for "picking things up" or "sorting things". Those are prequels to Cleaning Day. You may decide to set the timer and clean for just one hour, or you maybe should spend the entire day, but Cleaning Day is for cleaning.

Per your request, I will give you some basics on what should happen every week at your house. If you have only one hour, then you should move quickly. As time allows you can be more thorough. The following are Once-A-Week-Musts:

aClean all sinks and tub with Softscrub with Bleach.

aLysol the toilet bowl and bathroom floor(s).

aAmmonia clean all mirrors, appliances, door knobs and telephones. This will take less than 5 minutes but adds sparkle & freshness to a house.

aClean all floors on your hands and knees. Wood floors like vinegar and water or Murphy's Oil Soap. Tile floors like Parson's Lemon Ammonia. Note: Swiffers are stupid and for people who just want to think they are really cleaning. They just move the dirt around. Remember, if you aren't sweating, you aren't not cleaning.


  1. Actually Swiffers are goo for inbetween cleaning days to get dust/dirt off of floors. But I agree, they are not for serious cleaners!

  2. What do concrete floors like? Would love a suggestion, though this might be outside your realm of experience. Miss you Karen!